The chosen remnants trilogy



book one: Heartless

"Who are truly Heartless: the dead or the living?"

Doom has come to the continent of Eskadus; a curse which sweeps the land, toppling nations in its wake. The dead – known as Heartless – have risen to hunt the living. Now, two brutal years after the world fell, three survivors struggle for their lives.

Dirk MacDouglas, an ex-soldier, guides a young girl through the fallen nation of Valaria before eventually coming face-to-face with his checkered, secreted past.

Nym, an elven ranger, flees the blasted carcass of her former home. Alongside six other elves honor-bound to guard a naïve child prince, she unknowingly falls straight into the heart of orc territory.

Priest-in-training Carboul leaves the safety of his monastery to guide a young woman through the vast desert he once called home, dodging the cultists and Heartless which haunt his path at every turn.


Book two: Faithless

“When the gods abandon us, mankind turns to the faithless.”

Nym, Dirk, and Carboul have united at long last – under the watchful eye of Mefriit, a dragon with great designs for the future of Eskadus. Their quest to rid the continent of the Heartless takes them to the ancient dwarven city of Burgenhold; wherein they desperately hope answers lie waiting for them.

From within the sundered carcass of Yellowguts’ horde, the proud orc warrior Khetsep begins a rapid rise to power upon the backs of his broken foes. Having thrown the lies of Marinus and Aeros behind him, Khetsep faces threats from without and within as he struggles to defend his tribe from the evils which face them on all sides.

Yet all is not as it seems. An ancient evil stalks Nym wherever she walks, sowing dissent between the three travelers and threatening to tear apart all which they are poised to accomplish…


The World of eskadus

Eskadus_World Map_Color.jpg

A stretch of land isolated from the rest of the world by a vast mountain range, Eskadus was once controlled solely by the powerful Elven Empire. Centuries ago, humanity led a rebellion and split the continent in two, creating the free nation of Blueford south of the Daggertooth mountain range. The five dwarven holds soon followed suit and thus the Elven Empire began its inevitable demise; crumbling to naught. Yet in time Blueford's once-mighty unity deteriorated as humanity lost its way in religious warfare as the nation of Valaria split from Blueford. Blueford and Valaria were henceforth gripped in a near-eternal series of border scuffles for years.

At the edge of either nation reside the centers of the twin religions on Eskadus. At the western edge of the sprawling Duruuk desert rests Feldspar Rock, the home of the Church of Marinus, the Lord of the Sea. High atop the eastern peaks balances Skyhelm Monastery, home of the followers of Aeros, the Lady of the Sky.

The nations of Eskadus existed in tension for nigh on a century before a mighty curse gripped the continenent. From the northern fringes of the Elven Empire to the southern edge of the Duruuk desert. The dead have risen, toppling every nation beneath the weight of their lockstep strides. 

Heartless occurs two years after the rise of the dead. Eskadus has fallen; its nations crumbled. Now, nothing remains but survivors eking out their lives in the blasted corpses of their former homes.